crop (plural crops)

  1. the top or end of something
    1. A pouch-like part of the alimentary tract of some birds (and some other animals), used to store food before digestion.
      • 1892: The bird gave a gulp, and I felt the stone pass along its gullet and down into its crop. — Arthur Conan Doyle, ‘The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle’ (Norton 2005 p.221)
    2. (archaic except in dialects) The head of a flower, especially when picked; an ear of corn; the top branches of a tree.
    3. The lashing end of a whip; an entire short whip, especially as used in horse-riding.
    4. (Architecture) the foliate part of a finial.
  2. the edible top part of a cereal plant
    1. A plant, especially a cereal, grown for food.
    2. The harvest for a particular year.
  3. senses from the verb
    1. A rocky outcrop.
    2. A short haircut.


  • (harvest): harvest, yield
  • (whip used on horses): hunting crop, riding crop, whip, bat
  • (animal"s): craw (in birds)

4 letters in word "crop": C O P R.

No anagrams for crop found in this word list.

Words found within crop:

cop cor op or orc po pro roc

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